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The rig facilities

The rig facilities can be rented by any company.

Our customers are internationally leading oil and service companies, and we want to make it easy for each customer to have their needs met during testing and development.

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Per Simensen

Senior Project Manager, Ullrigg Test Centre - Stavanger

+47 51 87 52 81
+47 996 25 175

Top Drive & Rig Floor Equipment

Ullrigg is a full-size drilling rig. Remote operated equipment allows for a safe and realistic testing environment.

Mud Facilities

Ullrigg is supported by two Continental Emsco F-1000 Mudpumps. Including a full-size fluid treatment system with mud pits, settling tanks and shale shakers.

Test Wells

We can offer full-scale testing in eight different wells all with different configurations depending customer needs.

Tubular Feeding Machine & Pipedeck

Our Tubular Feeding Machine (TFM) constructed by Aker Maritime comes equipped with a flexible HIAB telescopic crane. This integrated machine makes it easy and safe to handle equipment and tubular on Ullrigg.