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Test Wells

Eight Full-Scale Test Wells

We can offer full scale testing in eight different wells.

Our drilling module can be skidded to operate in each of the real-life like test wells to offer the best suited field-test environment for our customers.

Wells differ in design regarding depth, inclination and length of cased sections.

Testwells NORCE, ,

Facts about the Test Wells

  • U1 - 350m of vertical 13 3/8" casing
  • U2 - may be pressurized to 300 bar
  • U3 - allows for drilling in gneiss
  • U4 - Multi-lateral well
  • U5 - allows for drilling in phyllite
  • U6 - severe dogleg of up to 14deg/30m
  • U7 - completed with false "water zones" for logging purposes
  • U8 - dedicated P&A well. 20” uncemented casing installed to 217 m. Available 13 5/8” casing to be run. Destructive testing can be performed within a pullable casing

Download a pdf below to access further details on our wells.