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We have more than 40 years of experience within drilling, testing equipment and verifying procedures

Ullrigg Test Center, UTC, is a unique and complete full-scale test and piloting center for technology, system, methods and solutions in drilling and well activities.

UTC does not conduct any kind of own product or service development and innovation. Our expertise and capacity are devoted to our customers to ensure the best possible results and value for our customers.

HSE&K always comes first. UTC complies with and ensures that all projects are carried out according to the strictest safety and quality requirements.

Drilling and well

Ullrigg can be rented by any company on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis, for testing or qualifying equipment or personnel, or for other purposes one might have.

Explore the rig facilities

Advanced Test Facilities

In addtion the Ullrigg rig we offer facilities for High Pressure High Temperature tests, Tension & Compression tests, and Flow tests.

Workshop & Support

With competent inhouse mechanics and engineers we can offer very short delivery times for building up test facilities and equipment, industry electric systems, and design and configure hardware, programmable logic and software.