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A full-scale drilling rig offering test environments in full-size well bores

Ullrigg is equipped to an equivalent standard of a modern offshore drilling rig.

Ullrigg can be rented by any company on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis, for testing or qualifying equipment or personnel, or for other purposes one might have.

See details below or contact us for further details.


Per Simensen

Senior Project Manager, Ullrigg Test Centre - Stavanger

+47 51 87 52 81
+47 996 25 175

Ullrigg drill rig NORCE, ,

A summary of the drilling equipment includes:

  • Derrick : 12m x 12m x 49,5m 250t
  • Top Drive: National Oilwell Varco HPT-05 500 AC SG TT Top Drive, max continuous drilling torque 74.300 Nm (2 x 500hp AC motors)
  • Drawwork: Continental Emsco D3 Drawworks, 2 x 1000 hp
  • Iron Roughneck: Varco AR3000 Iron Roughneck (IR) (136.000 Nm m/u, 163.000 Nm b/o)
  • Pipe Handler: Remote operated Star Racker Machine (SRM) from Hitec
  • Manifolds: Standpipe and remote operated choke manifold, both rated for 345 bars
  • Rotary Table: Continental Emsco 27 1/2" Rotary Table
  • Tubular: 5" Fingerboard, permanently racked with 70 stands of 5" DP (NC50 DSTJ connections), drill collar stands can also be racked
  • Drilling Control: NOV Cyberbase Latest Version

For additional information on any machine or equipment, please contact us and we will provide the necessary details.