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With the large amount of data we generate during testing, there is a need for precise and quick acquisition through reliable recording systems to ensure that no data is lost.

Our specialized instrument engineers see to that the appropriate equipment and calibration are in place to do the job. Be it either setup of existing products or the entire design and configuration of hardware, programmable logic and software from scratch.

We can deliver custom setups and test programs to suit customers’ need like for instance timed and cyclic movement to simulate wear and tear or specific flow rate patterns.

Our automation personnel are highly competent, with over 20 years of experience working systems specific for both on and off-shore application. They will maintain, calibrate and commission all types of instruments and facilities used for logging and recording of test data.

Together with our test engineers the automation team will deliver the best possible performance and results to our clients at all times.

A separate workshop, in cooperation with the electro environment, is a part of the overall support for the Ullrigg Test Centre.