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This test facility can handle several fluid compositions and offers a high degree of flexibility to serve the needs of different projects.

Electrically driven centrifugal pumps are used for circulation at low pressure and for adjusting the flow rate in very fine increments from zero to maximum rate.

The facility mainly consists of a flow test cell for annular production of sand and surface loops with different lengths and dimensions.

The most "famous" project run in this facility was after the commissioning in 1983 when sand wear and endurance testing of down hole safety valves for the "Gullfaks Early Sub Sea Project" was performed.

The surface loops make the facility flexible for erosion testing of gate valves, plugs, smart well system, surface and down hole equipment in general.

Technical information:

  • ​ID of sand test cell 220.50 mm
  • Length of test cell 15.41 m
  • Maximum flow pressure 3.00 bar
  • Maximum flow rate 3000 l/min
  • Maximum sand content 2 %