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Multilateral Test Bench

This facility was designed for testing the strength of multilateral (MLT) systems, with a particular focus on the compressive strength of multilateral junctions.

Six (6) hydraulic cylinders are installed in a custom built steel frame.

The MLT test bench can readily be configured to meet the customer`s specific needs. It has been used for side load testing of cable clamps including sizes from 4 1/2" to 10 5/8".

Sand screens have been tested by pulling them over a whipstock installed in a dog leg. The 6 hydraulic cylinders were used to reproduce the dog leg whilst a separate cylinder provided the axial force equivalent to a real well situation.

Technical summary:

  • Hydraulic capacity: 6 x 30 ton
  • Cylinder stroke length: 500 mm
  • Overall length: 10 m